Since 1987 Power Soak has been the innovative leader in continuous motion washing. Our Power Soak system with its unique patented rear jet design  replaces your three compartment sink and creates a continuous motion and rotation of your pots and pans which results in a much cleaner and consistent plastic or metal ware item, thereby virtually eliminating the need for hand scrubbing.

We currently have more than 30,000 units installed in 32 Countries and 20 times the installations of all competitors combined.  We hold multiple granted and pending patents which is a reflection of our continuous product innovation.  We are the sole supplier to 4 out of 5 of the world’s leading restaurant chains.
Our continued commitment to innovation has led us to our Fourth Generation of Power Soak Systems in addition to three unique brands.  The Produce Soak, Silver Soak and Skewer soak have originated from the effort and success to meet the needs of our customers because our job is to make your job easier by reducing labor, improved cleanliness and employee morale.
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